Halloween Candy – what’s good , what’s not

October 21, 2016 5:04 pm

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Its Halloween Time and its that time of the year for pumpkin carvings , haunted houses , fun costumes and sweet treats . As fun as it is , it also presents with parents and the dental team with challenges to keep the kids halloween fun but also be dentally safe. Here are a few tips to keep your mouth healthy: 1. Some candy is worse than others – hard sticky candy like gummies , taffies and even some dried fruits stick to the grooves and crevices on teeth for a long time and it is tough for saliva to clean it out. It is a easy food for the bacteria that can sit there and destroy the teeth. 2. sour candy is acidic and the acid levels can erode the enamel .Saliva does neutralize the acid level in 20 minutes, so do not brush your teeth for 20 minutes after eating the sour candy. Water can help speed up the neutralization 3. Sugar free candy , lollipops are definitely good. Ofcourse they dont taste as good – chocolate is better than candy . Have the sugary treats at mealtimes or at limited snack times . Rinse well with water right after and brush after 20 mins – half hour. Enjoy – in moderation – and take good care ,right after, is the slogan to enjoy Halloween!
Happy Halloween

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