Serene Savings Plan!

At Serene Dentistry, your optimal oral health is our first priority. Because we know that without employer-provided insurance, many families find regular dental care to be a financial burden, we hope it will help every member of your family have access to a greater quality of dental care.

The Serene Savings Plan is not insurance. It’s a discounted fee schedule and an incredible opportunity for uninsured patients in McKinney to receive affordable dentistry. See below for various plan options – choose one or more plans that works for your family!

Regular preventive cleanings and the early detection of tooth decay can save you money (and time!) in the long run. Early interception and arrest of gum disease can save your smile and your overall health will benefit. That’s why we provide the SereneSavingsPlan as an alternative to dental insurance – so you can feel reassured that your family’s health is covered.

Child (11 and younger)

  • 2 exams
  • 2 preventive cleanings

Adult (12 and over)

  • 2 exams
  • 2 preventive cleanings with absence of gum infection*

Plan Details

  • Periodic Exam
    Routine exam every 6 months with biannual cleaning
  • Limited Exam
    Exam to address a specific concern with necessary x-rays
  • X-Rays
    Routine x-rays every 6 months with exam and cleaning
  • Cleaning
    Routine cleaning every 6 months in absence of gum disease
  • Up To 20% Savings On Other Treatments
    No yearly maximum!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Plan can be used only at the Serene Dentistry location in which the plan was purchased (non-transferable)
  2. Plan cannot be used in conjunction with additional discounts and/or medical/dental insurance plans.
  3. Plan premium refunds will not be issued at any time, without exception, regardless of participant use of the plan.
  4. Procedures excluded from the plan: quick splint, occlusal guard, cosmetic procedures, fluoride, and products.
  5. Products, whitening, and lab fees are not eligible for the 20% plan discount.
  6. Patients aged 11 and younger are considered children. Patients aged 12 and older are considered adults.

Your oral health has a tremendous impact on your overall health, and we want you to have all the advantages of a healthy and beautiful smile. It’s important to us – and to you – that you and your family always receive excellent and regular dental care.

Ask us about the SereneSavingsPlan today! Call now – the moment you sign up is the moment it begins.

*Patients with periodontal maintenance who need 3-4 cleaning a year will receive alternate cleanings free. Maintenance will be free at the initial plan start/renewal date.