Veneers & Bridges Smile Transformation

March 14, 2024 5:11 pm


One of our dear patients, Kathy, lost her front tooth, not due to decay, but due to a bite that was off. For years, she always received regular dental care and had good dentistry of individual teeth.

Prior restorations were done in bits and pieces, which did not consider her bite as a whole. This led to her hitting hard on her front tooth, which eventually broke at the gum line one day. How could we give her back the smile she deserved?

First, we had to study her bite and create a smile for her, one that was not just aesthetically pleasant, but also functionally sound with even bite forces on all her teeth that could function well while chewing. With the help of veneers and bridges, we gave back her teeth to not only restore her gorgeous smile but also improve her chewing ability.

A patient who received porcelain veneers at Serene Dentistry. What does Kathy think of her new smile? Click to watch her video testimonial.

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